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Photos from the quartier of Eira in the southern part of Helsinki. Eira is a fancy quartier with many art nouveau buildings from early 20th century.

klik Quartier of Eira as seen from Munkkisaari

klik Eira by the sea
» In the winter

klik Engel Square in the winter
» In the summer | SE corner
» NW side of Engel Square

klik Norwegian Embassy by Engel Square
» The embassy in the winter
» Buildings next to the embassy

klik View from Engel Square to the sea
» Part of the park

klik Statue of Juhani Aho
» Back side of the statue in the winter

klik A building by Armfeltintie street
» SW end of Armfeltintie street

klik Elias School
» Other side of the school
» Another photo

klik Melior building in the corner of Telakkakatu and Speranskintie streets
» Speranskintie street
» Corner of Perämiehenkatu and Speranskintie streets

klik Western end of Tehtaankatu street
» Building in the corner of Tehtaankatu and Telakkakatu streets
» Merikatu street and the railway

klik Tehtaankatu street
» Another photo | One more photo
» Restaurant Laivakoira

klik Italian Embassy
» Buildings by Tehtaankatu street next to the embassy

klik Eiranpuisto park and Agricola Church
» Armfeltintie ja Eiranpuisto

klik Juhani Ahon tie (street)
» A building by Juhani Ahon tie
» Another building

klik Crossing of Juhani Ahon tie and Chydeniuksentie streets
» Statue of Albert Edelfelt
» Chydeniuksentie street

klik Corner of Chydeniuksentie and Rehbinderintie streets
» Rehbinderintie street
» In the autumn

klik Edelfeltintie street
» Toinen kuva

klik A building by Armfeltintie street
» Another building | One more building

klik Ehrensvärdintie street
» Another photo | Yet another photo
» Again a photo | One more photo

klik Ensi Park
» Two trees
» The park in the summer

klik Villa Ensi
» In the winter
» Entrance to Villa Ensi

klik Crossing of Armfeltintie and Merikatu streets
» Armfeltintie street
» A gate by Merikatu street

klik Boats in the winter

klik Ursin's cliffs and the memorial for drowned seamen
» Another photo