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Photos from Kaartinkaupunki district in the southern part of Helsinki. Kaartinkaupunki is located close to the city centre and houses, for instance, the Headquarters of Finnish Defence Force.

klik Roofs of Kaartinkaupunki as seen from tower of Erottaja firestation

klik Kasarmitori square
» Another photo | Third photo

klik General Headquarters
» Another photo

klik Kasarmikatu street
» Building of Nylands Nation

klik Corner of Kasarmikatu and Pikku-Roobertinkatu streets
» Police Station by Pikku-Roobertinkatu

klik Corner of Kasarmikatu and Ullanlinnankatu streets
» Same from the other direction

klik Kaarti Police Building
» Police Building as seen from Ullanlinnankatu street

klik Museum of Architecture by Kasarmikatu street
» Museum seen from Kaartinkuja alley

klik Kaartinkuja alley
» Ancient indoor riding arena

klik Library in the corner of Rikhardinkatu and Korkeavuorenkatu streets

klik Erottaja firestation by Korkeavuorenkatu street

klik End of Kasarmikatu street at the Esplanade
» Kasarmikatu street from Esplanade toward north

klik Fabianinkatu streetside of Smolna, staterooms of the Council of State

klik Southern end of Fabianinkatu street

klik Svenska Lyceum (a Swedish school)

klik German Church
» Another photo

klik Unioninkatu street
» Another photo | Third photo

klik A ship of Silja Line