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Kaivopuisto is an old park district in the southern part of Helsinki and is currently home to many foreign embassies.

klik Iso Puistotie allée
» A building by the allée

klik Restaurant Kaivohuone
» Kaivohuone in the spring
» Another photo

klik Buildings on the NE edge of the park
» Edge of the park in the spring
» Winter photo

klik Ullanlinnanmäki hill
» View from the hill to the park
» View to Merisatama marina

klik Ursa observatory on the top of Ullanlinnanmäki hill
» The observatory at spring

klik Mardi Gras 2004
» Another photo | One more photo

klik Southern part of the park | By the sea
» Statue of A.E. Nordenskiöld
» Faces carved onto a birch trunk

klik Café Kaivari and children's playground
» Playground in the winter
» Children playing

klik Wooden house by Puistokatu street
» The house as seen from the park
» Square next to the house in the western corner of the park

klik Kaivopuisto park at spring
» Another photo | Third photo
» Fourth photo

klik United Kingdom Embassy
» Another photo

klik United States Embassy
» Another photo
» Another building

klik Embassy of Portugal
» Neighbouring buildings
» French Embassy from the back

klik Wooden building in the corner of Itäinen Puistotie and Kallionlinnantie streets
» Same building in the spring

klik Kalliolinnantie street
» Embassy of Belgium

klik Mannerheim Museum
» Façade of the museum
» The museum and Kalliolinnantie street

klik Cygnaeus Art Gallery

klik Embassy of Spain
» Winter photo

klik Wihuri Research Centre
» Building on the opposite side of the street

klik Italian Embassy
» Another photo
» Brazilian Embassy
» The embassies side by side

klik Estonian Embassy
» Itäinen Puistotie street
» Another photo

klik Northern end of Itäinen Puistotie street
» Apartment buildings

klik Kaivopuisto as seen from Tähtitorninmäki hill
» Ehrenströmintie street

klik Silja Line ferry terminal
» Terminal as seen from Tähtitorninmäki hill

klik Buildings by Ehrenströmintie street
» Another photo
» Statue of Arvid Mörne

klik Café Ursula
» Spring photo
» In the winter by the sea

klik Ullanlinna jetty
» Winter photo

klik Ducks on the shore