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Veijo Moilanen, Pello
26-Dec-2000 20:50

Hyvää Tapaninpäivää ja Uutta Vuotta!
Seija, Matti ja Veijo

Anu&Tuomas Lipsanen, Järvenpää, Finland
24-Dec-2000 15:53

Merry Christmas from Lapland!!! Nice fotos and comments from Denmark!

Sam Christian, Tiffin, Ohio (for now)
20-Dec-2000 11:04

Dear Nikko,
 Congratulations on your intensive and magnificent photoanalysis on the city
I grew up in. From your picture, you look like the kind of guy who would
indeed get with the people and enjoy their hospitality. If you have a chance
give me your insight on ways we can improve.
 ps. If you can flip your Caribbean map so north really points up it would
make me feel less disriented.
 We are greatly privileged by your attention to detail.

D Grell, Canefield, Dominica
14-Dec-2000 0:30

I am a Dominican. I came across your site while going through the D'can web
ring. Congratulations on your documentary about. Many of us who live in
Dominica don't appreciate our island.  I find your thesis very informative.
It gave me quite an insight into Roseau. I thought I knew something, but it
just proves that I don't know it all... Again, good job!!

Makeda, Newtown, Dominica
13-Dec-2000 23:53

someone sent me email about your thesis and i found it to be very
interesting. I also wanted to say hi.

J Davis, Roseau
11-Dec-2000 18:49

Good to see someone likes my city, keep up the good works, and maybe you can
add a little more on the scenery,and lush vegitation, rain forest,unique
tourist destination.I mean its true your stuff is on roseau, but roseau is
part of Dominica,therefore I feel you should give a little background
infomation on Dominica the Island, the friendly peoiple ect.

Sophia George, Wallhouse, Dominica
10-Dec-2000 22:30

I want to commend you on your work. It is good to see that someone
hundreds of miles away found my island and took the time to learn and live
it.I am currently attending a University in Canada and I was pleased to see
your work.

Thank you for the wonderful photos and all the best in the future.

mimi reyna, new york city
9-Dec-2000 9:24

How interesting that you did your thesis on Roseau. A Dominican friend sent
it to me. (I am a writer specializing in the Caribbean). I enjoyed the
photos and I just started reading the thesis draft. Very well-researched!!
What made you choose this subject? Tell me!!

Reijo Rouge, Oulu
12-Nov-2000 1:44

Nyt tajuan mistä sä oot oppinut ranskaa, oot varmasti piipahtanut
Haitissa. Säkin oot kokoomuslainen.
Terkkuja Oulusta

Karita ikkunalta, Kuusankoski
1-Nov-2000 19:09

No moi. Löysin käyntikorttisi laukkuni pohjalta reissun jälkeen, päätin
tsekata kotisivusi..siistit on. No moi.

Lennox Honychurch, Woodford Hill, Dominica
11-Sep-2000 12:13

Yes Niko,
It was great to browse through your thesis. Everything looks fine and the
arguments and points made appear sound. I am publishing a book on Roseau
myself in November - A compilation of all the articles and papers which I
have written about the city over the years.

Good Luck

vanessa, d/ca
18-Aug-2000 2:05

guess you're really into my home town. glad that you lov eit like i do.
also i hope thta you continue to go there and discover a smuch as you can.
till then will keep in touch

Kai Fogelholm, Helsinki, Finland
15-Aug-2000 7:10

GOD luck and finnish SISU for your ambitious Master's Thesis. Let me know
when you cross the goal line!
PS. in address you can find one
fine execution of Master's Thesis; the person helped me with GIS when I
was doing my Master's Thesis ;.]

Pernilla Nilsson, Norrköping, Sweden
27-Jun-2000 3:37

I love Dominica as well!!! I lived in Trafalgar from July until December
1999 and I'm hoping to go back soon again.
It's really paradise - isn't it???

Niko Lipsanen, Vantaa
1-May-2000 17:01

Usko tai älä, nuorin 3:sta pojastani on myös Niko. Hän on Niko Santeri
Lipsanen synt.22.11.1994. Pikku Niko lähettää terkkuja isolle kaimalleen.

Asha, Goodwill, Dominica
1-Mar-2000 19:08

Very clean, clear photos.
Nice site.

Dan Martin
5-Feb-2000 13:01

For now, just Hello!  I am interested and fascinated about Dominica. I want
to learn more, maybe visit.....I am retired....

johnbaptiste, Alexandria Va
2-Feb-2000 19:08

hey what's up I'am trying to get some information if you could help me out I
was born in dominica down town and I'am trying to request a new birth
certificate if you can please send some info on how to begin the process

thank you

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