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Philson Victor, Stroudsburg PA, USA
11-Nov-1999 19:17

As a native Dominican, I feel a deep sense of gratitude that you'd take
precious time to theorize on one of the last pristine places left on planet
Earth, which destructive man still inhabits. I only wonder, "What motivated

I feel bound, however, to note the following: 

In keeping with your hypothesis, "Naturalistic & Existential Roseau," it is my
view that significant weight should be given to historic, native perceptions -
anecdotes, if you will, and Dominica's exceptional topography - and how those
have over time inform, season and shape practical, pragmatic realties as
revealed by the ways Roseau[ans], and by extension Dominicans, are forced
to live. 

A lot of emphasis was given to other "scholarly" findings. It would be quite
revealing to know how you view our country, vis a vis its unique geography, and
how or whether that geography influenced our noticeable human inventions, vice
versa, or both. 

In parting, I will allow that yours is a commendable attempt. Thank you for
once again putting Dominica in the world's limelight, for you did not have to,
if you didn't care to. 

God's light in your travels.

Avril Nanton, Tottenham, London, UK
26-Oct-1999 19:54

Have read your thesis - great info. It's nice to know that someone has
discovered our island and found it as beautiful as we do. I was born in
Dominica and left it since 1965 to live here in the UK. I am now looking to do
a genealogy chart of my family, and my background, so if anyone out there has
any information on the Nanton family please email me.

Sam Vaught, Santa Cruz, California
10-Sep-1999 17:36

This is my first knowledge of the existence of your island. Even now i don't
know where in the Carrobean it is, but will pursue more knowldge.
Thanks for a very interesting initial search.

Myy, Helsinki
7-Sep-1999 19:14

Hihii!Pieni otus kävi tutkimassa verkkoelämää ja löysi kuin löysikin
tänne asti..

Raglan (Rags) Riviere, Brampton, Ontario
27-Jul-1999 16:50

Hi Niko. I'm Dominican, presently residing overseas. I was, at first, very
intrigued that you would choose my homeland for such a study. But, then, I
wondered which other quaint city in the world could qualify for such rare

Though it may not be your intention, you are doing yoeman service on behalf of
our tourist trade. The photographs of 'places' in Roseau are great. Hope to
see more of them as your thesis unfolds.

Your undertaking is not an easy one, bearing in mind your cultural and
linguistic background. Like Sharon suggested, talk to the elders. They have a
wealth of information waiting to be tapped. My best wishes.

David MICHAEL, London, England
18-Jul-1999 18:05

Hello Niko, I have just looked at your web site update. You have continued to
do a very nice job, to put your information about Roseau and your aspirations
with great clarity. Best wishes, David.

David MICHAEL, London, England
9-Jul-1999 12:54

Hello Niko, You have done a wonderful job. I was born in 
Dominica. 'I am a son of the soil'. I have been living 
and working in the UK for many years now. Very best wishes.

Sharon Lisa Shaw, Belle-Maniere
25-Jun-1999 13:54

I want to wish you good luck on your master's thesis about Roseau, Dominica.
It is so nice when people take an interest in my country and really appreciate
the beauty of the Island. Dominica and the people have so much to offer to the
world. People fail to realize that an Island untouched by tourism and various
industries is unique in so many ways. I pray and hope that your thesis will
show that quality and Dominica's charming characteristics.

Tip: Please talk to the elders in Dominica. I have learned about what or have
a clear picture of what Dominca and its people were like in the old days. I
have been lucky that my grandmother has told me some of Dominica folklore that
are attached to the Island. If you meet and interview with the elders and the
young, I believe it will help you understand what Roseau means to the people.

Alisson Mundy, Brisbane Australia
31-May-1999 11:15

I saw that you had signed another guestbook and thought I would visit you and
see what your page was about - WOW! You are a busy person arent you - GOOD

The Etienne Family, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
30-May-1999 14:49

Thank you for signing our guestbook and your kind words. 

Our family found your very informative about Dominica.

We will be back.

Etienne Family

Imran Prentice, Roseau
28-May-1999 11:24

I hope you like dominica because it is pretty fun.
the beaches are also beautiful

David G. Wilson, Portsmouth/New York
13-May-1999 21:38

Hi Nikko,I am pleased to see that you enjoyed my little country so much. I was
born in Dominica and spent the first 23 years of my life in Dominica. I now
live in New York and love it when people go to my country and enjoy
themselves. Please take a look at my website and see how I incorporate my
memories of my hometown of Portsmouth in my work.

Maria Rönkkö, Espoo!
14-Jan-1999 15:39

Ihan kivat kotisivut sulla. Saisinpa joskus aikaiseksi tehdä sellaiset
itsellenikin. Aiheena olisi, totta kai, luonnonmaantiede ja varsinkin

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