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Roseau Photos 2007

Roseau is the capital of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean.

Photos are taken by me, Niko Lipsanen, when I was doing field research for my Master's Thesis on realms of place in Roseau at spring 1999.

A few photos date back to autumn 1993 when I visited Dominica for the first time.


Updated 10 Nov 2009

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Gallery 1
Gallery 1: Morne Bruce
Views over the town
Gallery 2: Bay Front & French Quarter
Waterfront and the district of old buildings
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 3: Downtown
Central parts of Roseau
Gallery 4: Pound & Riverside
Districts next to downtown area
Gallery 4
Gallery 5
Gallery 5: Southern Downtown
District of many churches
Gallery 6: Botanical Gardens
Extensive park and sports ground area
Gallery 6
Gallery 7
Gallery 7: Newtown
Lively community that was to become the capital
Gallery 8: Potter's Ville
Old fishers' community next to downtown
Gallery 8
Gallery 9
Gallery 9: Goodwill
Suburb on the hill
Gallery 10: Bath Estate
New housing in the valley
Gallery 10
Gallery 11
Gallery 11: Northern outskirts
Woodbridge Bay, Stock Farm & Gutter Village
Gallery 12: Signs & ads
Street signs and advertisements
Gallery 12

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