Roseau Photo Gallery

Roseau Photos 2007

  1. Morne Bruce
  2. Bay Front & French Quarter
  3. Downtown
  4. Pound & Riverside
  5. Southern Downtown
  6. Botanical Gardens
  7. Newtown
  8. Potters Ville
  9. Goodwill
  10. Bath Estate
  11. Northern outskirts
  12. Sign & ads

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These photos are licensed under a Creative Commons license.

Photos: Niko Lipsanen,

Gallery 1: Morne Bruce


New pictures: Morne Bruce 2007

click Photo 1: Roseau as seen from Morne Bruce in 1993.
click Photo 2: Roofs of Roseau downtown.
click Photo 3: More roofs.
click Photo 4: Pound district; Government Headquarters on the right.
click Photo 5: Roofs in Pound district.
click Photo 6: Buildings of the Bay Front.
click Photo 7: Botanical Gardens; Roseau in the distance.
click Photo 8: Windsor Park; Dominica Grammar School on the right.
click Photo 9: Houses between the Botanical Gardens and the Catholic cemetery.
click Photo 10: Houses in Goodwill.

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