Naturalistic and existential realms of place in Roseau, Dominica

by Niko Lipsanen (2001)


  1 Introduction


Chapters 2 to 6


Chapters 7 to 10


Chapters 11 to 13


Chapters 14 and 15

16 Discussion


    Appendixes : Places : Dominica : Realms of Roseau : Appendix 1


Appendix 1

Major landmarks of Roseau

  object location visible from distinctive features
1 Roman Catholic Cathedral Virgin Lane - most of the horizontal streets of the Inner City grid
- some locations in Potter's Ville and Goodwill
- dark brown colour
- highest tower in the city
2 Methodist Church Southern Downtown - Virgin Lane, Cross Street
- various locations in the Inner City
- white tower in the corner of Virgin Lane and Cross Street
3 Roseau Jetty Bay Front - whole Bay Front
- some parts of southern Newtown
- a jetty for inter-island catamarans
- customs house building on the jetty
4 Nassief building Bay Front - Bay Front
- Cork Street
- large white and new building
5 Garraway Hotel Bay Front - most of Bay Front
- various directions nearby the building
- large green building
6 Anglican Church Southern Downtown - Victoria Street, Turkey Lane - large grey building with a tower
7 KFC building Downtown - many parts in the Inner City - large white and new building
8 Government Headquarters Pound - Kennedy Avenue, Hillsborough Street, Bath Road - large gray building complex
9 Credit Union building Downtown - Queen Mary Street, Great Marlborough Street - large white building
10 Cable and Wireless building Downtown - Queen Mary Street, Kennedy Avenue - large light-coloured building
11 Texaco sign post Potter's Ville - whole Great George Street
- St. John's Avenue, Steber Street
- sign post of a gasoline station
12 apartment/office building Potter's Ville - Goodwill Road, Steber Street
- the lowest part of Federation Drive
- three-storey white building in the corner of Goodwill Road and Federation Drive
13 Goodwill Junior High School Western part of lower Goodwill - Goodwill Road, Charles Avenue, Winston Lane - extensive, mostly gray building complex
14 West Indies gasoline station Lindo Park, Goodwill - Lindo Park, Federation Drive
- lower part of Rose Street
- distinctive location in the corner of Federation Drive and Winston Lane
15 apartment building Lower Goodwill - various locations in Goodwill - green three-storey building in the midst of smaller houses

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