Naturalistic and existential realms of place in Roseau, Dominica

by Niko Lipsanen (2001)


  1 Introduction


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14 Districts of Roseau

15 Roseau as a place


16 Discussion


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14.4 Goodwill

St. Aromant 'Goodwill people are prestigious people in Dominica' (Alexander 1999).

Goodwill contains several different districts. Basically, it is divided into two parts, i.e. Lower and Upper Goodwill. The dividing line goes through Lindo Park and Princess Margaret Hospital (see Fig. 67). The major axe that connects the lower and upper parts to each other is Federation Drive even though it does not have such a central role as Victoria Street has in Newtown.

The lower part of Goodwill was built in 1950s as a housing scheme. It has mainly concrete two-floor buildings which are quite similar to those presently in Potter's Ville. One major difference is that in Lower Goodwill the housing blocks do not have gardens in the middle of them. Upper Goodwill, on the other hand, has developed as a high-class residential areal. The lots are larger, and the houses have private gardens around them (see Fig. 31). Further to the East--i.e. further up the hill---Goodwill changes to St. Aromant district of luxury homes (Fig. 66).

On the northern fringes of Goodwill there are squatter settlements of Gutter Village and Tarish Pit (Fig. 67). Tarish Pit, as its name indicates, is situated in the bottom of a pit that was left after the soil material, 'tarish', was excavated away. Gutter Village, on the other hand, is situated along a small ditch called Gutter. Both settlements were formed after the Hurricane David had left numbers of people homeless in the southern parts of Dominica in 1979.

Tarish Pit Goodwill is a place where many Roseauans would like to live. Those who live in the Upper Goodwill are those same mulatto gros bourg people that used to live in Central Roseau till the latter half of the 20th century. They are the people who have the money and the power. As Central Roseau became congested, and with the introduction of automobiles the mobility of this group was increased, they started to move up to Goodwill and St. Aromant. Nowadays some other higher class residential areas are found south of Roseau at Castle Comfort and Wall House.

The people of Lower Goodwill are middle-class working people. People from Central Roseau and Potter's Ville move to Lower Goodwill, and those already there aspire higher. The higher up you live, the higher your status is in the society.

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