Naturalistic and existential realms of place in Roseau, Dominica

by Niko Lipsanen (2001)


  1 Introduction


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14 Districts of Roseau

15 Roseau as a place


16 Discussion


    Appendixes : Places : Dominica : Realms of Roseau : Potter's Ville


14.3 Potter's Ville

'It gives an idea of life that is not fully programmed' (Alexander 1999).

Potter's Ville (sometimes spelled 'Pottersville') is another fishing community (see photo at front cover). Statistically, fishing is even more important in Potter's Ville than in Newtown. In 1991, Potter's Ville had 23 fishing canoes and 25 keel boats. Together, the fishery fleet of Potter's Ville and Newtown contains over 90 percent of Dominican fishing canoes, over one third of keel boats and the only sloop which is at Newtown (DNSP s.a.: 88).

Potter's Ville is small in area but as opposed to most other districts of Roseau it is flat. The southernmost part of Potter's Ville, the squatter settlement of Bay Town, is the site for the new sewage treatment plant of Roseau. The people living there are being relocated to Yam Piece at Stock Farm. Some shanty houses still stand on the coastline between Bay Town and the Savannah. They are the last buildings that remind of Potter's Ville's history as a community of emancipated slaves in the 19th century.

Potter's Ville Potter's Ville is losing its identity under the process of goodwillisation. Concrete buildings such as those in Lower Goodwill have already replaced most of the wooden houses (see Fig. 62). Gardens inside the blocks (Fig. 65) are being built and fenced. Incomes of people are rising, and they are able either to build larger houses, or move out.

Potter's Ville is conveniently situated in the crossroads of Federation Drive leading up to Goodwill and Goodwill Road that is the major entrance road to Roseau. Traffic Northwards, leaving Roseau, passes Potter's Ville via Elliot Avenue on the coastline. Thus, Potter's Ville has more commercial services that its own population would need. Especially many repairment shops are typical to the district, and there is also one supermarket.

Potter's Ville has had its name from Potter family that once owned the land. Phillip Potter was the head of the World Council of Churches in Dominica. However, there is actually no Catholic church in Potter's Ville. The hurricane-proof Goodwill Church (see Fig. 10 on the right), however, is right next to the North. So, if the Goodwill people come to Potter's Ville to repair their household appliances, the Catholics of Potter's Ville go to Goodwill to worship (Philip 1999).

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